The Book

Revved! Obsessions of a Midlife Motorcyclist

Revved! Obsessions of a Midlife Motorcyclist

with a Foreword by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

In thirteen engaging essays in his new book, Stuart A. Kirk takes you with him as he plunges into the world of motorcycling. As a midcareer professor, he recounts his discovery of the complexities  and pleasures of the moto life—the escape, adventure, and mastery. He also shares intimate moments of coping with the dangers and exhilarations of learning to ride well.

His story, however, is not only about riding motorcycles. With humor and insight, Kirk reflects on how his passage into motorcycling has altered his identity, perspective on life, and state of mind. Whether you have already experienced such a passage, complete with risks and mistakes, or are currently setting forth on a new challenge, Revved! offers guidance about facing fears, finding like-minded companions, gaining mastery, and developing a more expansive sense of self. Here the rides may be on a motorcycle, but the trip is about life.

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