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Comments, Endorsements, Reviews from early readers of Revved! Obsessions of a Midlife Motorcyclist

Revved! is smartly entertaining, but even more than that, it’s inspiring. I grew determined to ride longer and harder as I absorbed the excitement and commitment vividly portrayed in Kirk’s accounts.
-Mark Barnes, Motorcycle Consumer News View Full Article PDF

Revved! Obsessions of a Midlife Motorcyclist by Stuart A. Kirk offers a thoughtful, elegantly-written narrative of one man’s reintroduction to the motorcycling life that will resonate with practically any rider who shares his “obsessions.”
-Ron Davis, BMW Owners News View Full Article PDF

Revved is a collection of essays, starting with “Crash Landing On Reentry,” a version of which was originally published in CityBike… It’s a reasonably quick read, engaging, enjoyable stuff, with an intellectual but not overbearing tone.
-Surj Gish, Editor-in-Chief, CityBike Magazine (San Francisco, CA) View Full Article PDF

“A brilliantly written, accurate tale of the life of a returning rider who also happens to be a scholar. His is an entertaining book, unique in the genre, that captures the rider’s mind, aspirations, and passion while giving more than a few good pointers too. Mr. Kirk’s writing is transformative, sobering yet jocular, and always enticing. Read this book!”
Will Guyan, moto journalist and editor of On The Level BMW Magazine View Full Article PDF

Revved! is as much about life as the mechanics of riding…”captivating, provocative, and courageously transparent”.
– Florian Neuhauser, Managing Editor of RoadRUNNER.  View Full Article PDF

Revved! tells the captivating story of a rider’s quest for mastery despite his fears and anxieties. Kirk’s personal account in ‘Terrors of the Track’ describes, with humor and insight, how his enrollment in CLASS highlighted and helped him deal with those fears and begin his advancement as a skilled rider. I highly recommend this journey into the world of motorcycling.”
 Reg Pridmore, three-time AMA Superbike champion, member of AMA Hall of Fame, and founder of CLASS Motorcycle School 

“I enjoyed this ramble through Kirk’s riding life as it paralleled my own so closely. As I read the book, I seemed to converse with the author all afternoon in a pleasantly unexpected way. It is a well-written book with a focus on the long-range as well as close details of a rider’s life. I felt as though I was riding on the back of the author’s bike.”
 -Toby Fulwiler, professor emeritus of English, University of Vermont, and former columnist for BMW-Owners News 

“Stuart Kirk elegantly puts into language what we fellow riders perhaps only know viscerally—what it means to become proficient and ‘one with our machines.’ As a recognized scholar on mental health, Kirk’s stories reinforce the adage that you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office.”
 -David S. Zeidberg, library director and Rock Store regular, Pasadena, California 

“Stuart Kirk is, quite simply, a wonderful writer. His reflections on twenty-five years of motorcycling draw the reader into a vivid, richly detailed world. More than a story about riding a motorcycle, these tales have much to tell us about what it means to be human—about facing one’s fears, opening oneself to unexpected companions, and trusting the unknown road ahead. As Kirk shows us, it really is about the journey, not the destination.”
 Barbara Probst, PhD, author of When the Labels Don’t Fit and Critical Thinking in Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis 

“Whether you are an experienced rider or have never thought about motorcycles, you will enjoy accompanying Stuart Kirk on his learning journey and self-discovery. Stuart humorously captures his unique experience of progressing from scratch to mastery and skillfully takes us along for the ride.”
 Chris Dennis, organizational development consultant 

“Using personal anecdotes from apprentice to journeyman, and spanning midlife-crisis escapees through octogenarians, Dr. Kirk analyzes why we are insuppressibly passionate about riding motorcycles. By considering the romance, sensuality, and state of mind in mastering the art of motorcycling, he teaches broader lessons about mastery of self. This book finally explains to me why it is okay to love motorcycling, and motorcyclists, so much!”
 Randy McClanahan, trial lawyer 

“What happens when a respected East Coast academic decides to resume motorcycling after a twenty-year hiatus? Okay, he crashes within minutes. But he also racks up a half-million miles’ worth of roadworthy adventures and weaves them into a sweet, self-deprecating saga of discovery and growth.”
 Robert Basler, columnist, The Santa Fe Reporter 

“This entertaining and well-written book is the perfect concise guide to the motorcycling experience for auto lovers and others who know little about the world of motorcycles. Kirk’s sometimes poetic reflections introduce us to a diverse community of riders and the reasons they ride, the bikes they ride, the gear they must wear, the rides they take, and the pleasures and risks of motorcycling. Both informative and delightful to read.”
 Ted Benjamin, retired professor of social policy, UCLA 

Revved! is an enjoyable read. It covers many miles and subjects—even delightfully controversial ones like lane splitting, double yellows, and speed—as well as mysteries such as counter-steering, which was not a known concept when I learned to ride sixty years ago.”
 Clement Salvadori, author of No Thru Road and columnist for Rider 

“This wonderful and well-written moto memoir gives full vent to the pleasures of midlife cruising alone and with others. It stimulates the reader’s self-examination of their own wanderlust and love affair with biking and may trigger others to buy a bike and ride.”
 Tomi Gomory, Fulbright scholar, Florida State University 

Revved! describes in uncanny detail the inner experience of motorcycling that is ever present but often ignored because it lies right at the edge of awareness—the fears and the thrills, the vulnerabilities and the triumphs, the solitary moments and the shared joys. It’s as though Kirk was inside my head narrating the total experience for me, helping me appreciate even more the sublime excitement and ecstasy of riding.”
 Wally Gingerich, professor emeritus, Case Western Reserve University, and an avid adventure motorcyclist 

Revved! conveys the joys of motorcycling through the art of storytelling rather than teaching and preaching. Kirk’s humility of starting to ride in mid-life and reaching proficiency through passion and persistence allows each of us to relive similar struggles in our lives with humor and compassion. I found myself relating to every page.”
 Frances Sayre, co-owner of OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair, Santa Fe 

“‘So that’s what it’s all about. Now I get it!’ A fast read and fast ride to the insights of motorcycling and the obsessions therein.”
 Karen Roberts, wife of a midlife motorcyclist

“I found myself smiling with fond memories as I followed Dr. Kirk’s evolution from an occasional rider to a full-fledged addict. There is plenty here for nonriders as well, who will gain much insight into the minds of those two-wheeled wackos with whom they share the roads.”
 Michael Banister, facilities manager

“Captivating, provocative, and courageously transparent. Revved! brilliantly portrays the romance and pleasures of journeying through life on two wheels.”
 Florian Neuhauser, managing editor, RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel 

“Stuart Kirk has penned a terrific book that is bound to become a classic in the annals of motorcycling. The work is all the more notable given that the author suffers from a debilitating condition of motorcycle addiction. Read on and ride on.”
 Robert Schilling, professor Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA, and motorcyclist 

“A vivid and delightful account. Revved! is a window onto the world of motorcycling and a meditation on the joy of becoming more than you expected.”
 Heather W. Huffman, EdM, PhD, cultural anthropologist, Colorado Outdoor Education Center